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Our Sunday Schedule

September 13 through May, Sunday school classes are offered from age of four years old through adulthood. 8th grade-12th grade and the adult classes start at 9:00 am.  The other classes start at 9:15 am.  The worship service follows Sunday school, starting at 10:30 am.    (During the summer months, the worship service is at 9:30 am while the choir and classes take a break.)

Junior Choir Practice (2nd grade throuh 7th grade)  8:45-9:15 a.m. on Sundays, followed by all children sing at 9:15 a.m.  They typically sing in the worship service the fourth Sunday of school season months.  The first practice starts Sunday, September 20th.  Sunday the children sing during church is September 27, 2015.

8th Grade, High Schoolers, and Adults have Choir practice

10 am-10:15 a.m. on Sundays and Wednesday evenings starting at 6:30 pm. This group typically sings every Sunday and special holidays, excluding “Kids Sing Day” – most fourth Sundays.  Choir practice is starting September 23, 2015 at 6:30 pm.

Sunday School is for age four years old and up.

4 years old through 1st grader:        meet downstairs in Fellowship Hall by 9:15 am

2nd-4th Grade:                               junior choir practice at 8:45 and Sunday school downstairs 9:15

5th-7th Grade:                                junior choir practice at 8:45:  Sunday school downstairs 9:15

8th-12th Grade:                              9am Sunday school

Adult Class:                                    9 am Sunday school; choir practice starts at 10 am

(8th Grade through adult choir practice on Sunday starts at 10:00 am and on Wednesday starts at 6:30 pm)

Confirmation is taught mainly by the pastor. The times/days are coordinated amongst those students, families and pastor involved.  Typically they are Sunday evenings.

There are also various other activities,  some of which are on the school early out days.  These will be noted by e-mail,  hand outs, and/or phone calls.  Some activities have included movie night, camp over, game time.  Keep your eyes open for more to come.


Ongoing projects:

The children take up collections through their weekly Sunday school offerings to help fund their program as well as towards specific projects to contribute to that the children vote upon.  One of their favorites is collecting in order to purchase animals/food items through the Heifer Project.

All collect food items for Kid’s Packs – quick, easy food/meal items.  Simple to fix meals and snacks are sacked and distributed locally to those in need.  The highest time of need for these is when school is out of session.

Funding of Christian Education is done in part by members/friends donating refundable cans and bottles.  Thanks to all who contribute and to those who return them and submit the refund to CE of Bethany.  (CE starts at age 3 years old and on up through adulthoood.)


Bethany UCC Mission Work Within the Church and out in the Community and World

The children and congregation work together on various to benefit others throughout the year.  These projects are noted in the monthly church newsletter.  As situations, such as that in Oklahoma, additional collections are gathered and sent.

In 2014:

January:    Replenish items for the Baxter Food Pantry

February:  Kids Food Packs.   Please bring food items and gallon size baggies.  Foods need to have some nutrition and be easy to prepare if not already prepared.  Ideas include containers of fruit, granola bars, microwavable meals, fruit juice boxes, etc.  The meals will be packaged in early March for delivery to local children.

The Quilting Group donated baby blankets to the Marshalltown hospital for those who will benefit for them.

March: Baxter Food Pantry and One Great Hour of Sharing

March 16th:  Following the worship service is a brunch prepared and served by men.  They are taking a free will offering to offset the food expense and also accepting items for the Baxter Food Pantry.  After brunch, people will join together to make offerig boxes for the One Great Hour of Sharing, for people to take hom and return for the special project.

March 30th  The One Great Hour of Sharing offering will be collected during our 10:30 am worship service.   This project helps those in 138 countries, including the US.  It helps with missionaries working to help address various needs such as health, water, food, shelter, health care, education, emergency relief, advocacy, ministries, and small business assistance.  It helps with advocacy and resettlement of refugees.  This organized offering from many christian groups also assists in emergency preparedness and response activities.  Please bring your offering boxes, envelopes, or however you wish to contribute is appeciated for our offering on March 30th. If you want to contribute and won’t be there that day, we will still accept it and forward it on with the offering to One Great Hour of Sharing.  Thanks for your caring.

In 2013:

January 2013 – Assisted in restocking the Baxter Food Pantry

May – July, 2013:  planted tomato and green pepper plants for low income people who are willing and interested in tending to them, and then enjoying their food.

The Baxter Food Pantry assisted with distributing some of them.  (Thanks to them.)  We also gave some to the local nursing home.  We  provided extra items for the Baxer Food Pantry.

July, 2013:  Supplied items requested for Pilgrim Heights Church Camp

June/July, 2013:  Assisted the Oklahoma Disaster people through UCC

August, 2013:  collect school supplies and provide to Baxter Community School

September, 2013:  collecting and making items for Kid’s Packs:  food items for a day when there is no school for children who would benefit from this

October, 2013:  CROP walk which helps feed hungry; Neighbors in Need: also will be collecting hats, mittens, scarves and socks for children.  We as a church family, will support and assist with a benefit including a meal and baskets of assorted items for a silent auction, to benefit Jodon Woody.  In addition to Jodon, we want to support our church neighbor and family (Lusts) as their home recently burned down.  Many to keep in our prayers.  We also helped financially and with items and quilts (made by the church people) for fire victims whose home burned down.

November, 2013:  Items and funds for the Baxter Food Pantry is this month’s mission. They are requesting peanut butter, jelly, as well as pastas and sauces, paper products, such as toilet paper, kleenex, etc.  Money may be used for them to purchase food items.  Any and all items will be appreciated.

December, 2013: adopt a family for a meal and gifts.


In 2012:

July 2012 – Vacation Bible School collected books and funds to help a program in Jasper County that helps ladies rehab while also working with them on taking care of their children

August/September 2012 – collected school items for Baxter school as well as our church Sunday school classes

October 2012 – People of many ages had a  Halloween Sing Party at the Baxter Nursing Home at 4 pm -with the opportunity to come in costume.  Music was provided to sing Halloween songs to familiar tunes.  Following was a weiner roast and smores at the church park.

October, 2012:  The Jasper County CROP walk also benefits our local food pantry from assistance with those in Baxter walking and/or contributing to their purpose.

November, 2012 : donated towards the Baxter Food Pantry

December, 2012: Hosted a family for the holidays

Dedcember, 2012:  During the Jolly Holiday Nights, the confirmation promote the spirit of Christmas by providing a live outside nativity scene.




Blessing of the Backpacks

August 18, 2013

          During the worship service, the backpacks will be blessed as youth (and some adults) will be returning school.  Please bring backpacks to this service.


 Music in the Park following the Ice Cream Social (meal) is scheduled for August 25th


The meal includes sandwiches, home cooked food and dessert, including ice cream.  Serving the meal will happen in Fellowship Hall, basement at Bethany, starting at 4:30 pm.

The “1 More Road”, coming from Oklahoma, will be sharing their music and talents with all who wish to come, in the church park, south of Bethany, starting at 6:30 pm.  (If weather does not allow being outside, we will have the music upstairs at Bethany.)

Please come join us for some social time and food followed by entertainment and relaxation!  Open to all!


Spring and Summer News from Pastor Wanda:

The junior high youth enjoyed camping out in the park by Bethany United Church of Christ, then atAshtonCountyPark.  Such fun!  We want to have a family campout soon—Watch for more information to follow!  We have enjoyed great campfires.

Also in the works is, by popular request, an evening adult campfire in the park behind Bethany UCC. Get your hotdogs, marshmallows, and lawn chairs ready!

Senior high youth will get together soon to celebrate summer.

Young adults out of school are indicating an interest in getting together.


Much more to come…


In Christian love, Pastor Wanda Seydel