Baxter Bethany UCC

Bethany United Church of Christ

Bethany UCC is a pleasant and friendly church located just one short mile east of Baxter on North 95th Avenue West. There you will find a gray stone church housing a congregation of German Reformed background that now welcomes all that wish to worship, regardless of their faith history. Our building is accessible, via a lift located at the south end, under a rainproof portico. Our sanctuary, fellowship hall, and classrooms are air-conditioned. Ample off-street parking is available.

Latest News

We will have a moment of silence for healing.

We will have a moment of silence and a prayer for healing, for peace and for justice. Dear Friends at Bethany UCC, It has been a sad and difficult week following the tragic mass shooting in Orlando. I continue to think of so many who are reeling in the aftermath…

Hungry and Poor Need Us – Heifer Project

Hungry and Poor need Us to help. By donating through the Heifer Project, we will be helping those in need. By providing funds to help them learn how to care for animals and crops, develop what they have, to provide animals that will provide in more than one way, We…

The Heifer Project is waiting for our assistance

The Heifer Project (see web site as well if interested) is a current project the Bethany Stewardship Committee is asking for us to partake in. With this project, we donate money and with the funds joined together, are able to help others purchase animals, learn how to take care of…

One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing March 6, 2016 Thank you to all who gave donations for the One Great Hour of Sharing offering today. The Stewardship Committe had passed out “huts” for children and adults to take home and bring back. Pastor Teressa gave a special prayer for the various…


Our mission is to increase the love of Jesus Christ in our midst and in the world Christ died to save.